Custom Design
It has long been a challenge for display and fixture designers to create the look of custom merchandisers at low cost. With our vast experience in design and value engineering we will be able to work with you to maximize the design while reducing price. We also strive to incorporate easy to assemble and easy to ship designs.
Traditionally, custom fixtures were manufactured using heavy materials and were hard to assemble and ship. Additionally, because of the size and weight of the parts, the shipping and handling costs of these fixtures were enormous. Making matters worse, these fixtures were “product specific” which involved the manufacturer creating individualized versions of the fixtures for every product. Rampone Industries strives to give our clients options, including the ability to utilize one or two fixtures to accommodate all of their products. This also allows for design and marketing symmetry. Our sales and design team involves our customers throughout the development process by providing sketches, renderings, and preliminary engineering and prototypes until a final design has been approved. If a prototype is required, our company has the capability to provide a sample prior to production for final design review and approval.

Our Xiamen, China headquarters are located in the beautiful Huli district. We have twelve team members dedicated to quality control, on time manufacturing, and shipping of your product. They oversee the work of hundreds of dedicated, skilled factory employees. The Rampone Industry offices are complete with project managers, Quality Control, an Art and Cad Department, and our Global Logistics Service Department. This department ensures everything is to code and duties are prepared for in advance.
Another valuable feature we offer is our ability to accommodate your QC department heads in Xiamen. Every customer that visits our office is given their own office to work out of as well as a translator to accompany them while visiting the factory to check on their displays. Your team is welcome to visit and inspect production personally in Xiamen.
Furthermore, we have worked with hundreds of brokers shipping from Xiamen to locations all over the world including countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and even New Zealand.