Brand Culture and Philosophy
We understand how important it is for you to showcase your products, and Rampone Industries has the experience and knowledge you demand from a display company. We have provided innovative display designs and advanced display engineering for the trade during the last decade.

Rampone Industries wants to work with you to maintain that brand, while standardizing the manufacturing and consolidating the individual parts. We have the capability to analyze your client procurement forecasts and marketing plans. From this we will engineer a manufacturing strategy that is unique to you. This will provide cost savings not only for materials, but for any tooling, die and start up costs associated with future projects.

In addition to our superior design and engineering department, manufacturing, and shipping abilities, Rampone Industries is capable of providing warehousing and future fulfillment. Rampone Industries has warehousing capabilities strategically situated in the Northeast, Southeast, the Southwest, and even in Xiamen, China. This tremendous warehousing capability enables us to be a global supplier for our clients.

Company Overview
Horacio Rampone founded Rampone Wire in 1998. Initially, the company’s primary business was manufacturing retail displays for other Point of purchase display companies. In 2003 he established Rampone Industries, LLC and started working directly with large corporations and retailers of all sizes. Currently, Rampone Industries supplies displays to some of the largest retailers in the United States. Our company has design, engineering, manufacturing and logistical experience in a wide variety of retail environments.

Our experience includes Clothing retailers, Beverage companies, and the hardware and automobile industries. Some of our larger corporate customers include: Volcom, Lost, Nixon, Brixton, Sanuk, Skechers, SPY Eyewear, Ride, Red Bull, Monster Energy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, Albertsons, Napa Auto Parts, Dow Chemical and British Petroleum. Since 2003, Rampone Industries is proud to have partnered with these and other retailers to help design and build a variety of their retail display needs.

Rampone Industries is not only committed to give back to the local economy, but we also take a broader global view of our responsibility to reduce waste. We utilize recyclable materials where possible. Minimizing the carbon footprint of displays is part of what Horacio Rampone has mandated for our company’s part in the global effort.
We believe every contribution will make a difference to future generations.

We look forward to meeting your display needs, and building a relationship that will help your business run smoothly and succeed for years to come. Rampone Industries wants to build a great future with your company, and we are committed to a relationship that offers quick and excellent customer service combined with innovative designs.

Sustainability / Green Initiatives
Rampone Industries, like your own company, has made a commitment to green initiatives in support of our environment. We are proud to be responsible stewards of the environment not only in our homes, but also in our workplace. Our company makes conscious decisions whenever feasible to reduce waste, recycle and maximize the use of recycled and sustainable materials.

At each stage of our design and engineering process we evaluate each step of the manufacturing process and we strive to utilize production processes that are environmentally friendly.
Design: Each design and engineered product is engineered to produce the least amount of material waste.
Materials: All steel parts are made from 70% recycled material. Wood components can be sourced from sustainable growth forests.
Printing: All printing is accomplished using non-polluting water-soluble inks.
Cartons: We use recycled corrugated for all our shipping cartons.

Finishes: All metal parts are Powder Coated. Our powder coating material is Non-VOC and does not release pollutants. We are able to provide wood grain powder coating. This technique is a Non-VOC alternative to rare solid hardwoods.